Online Workshops for Parents and Carers

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Dyspraxia is a complex and difficult condition and many parents recognise they really need to understand it so they can help their child or young person.

Cathy’s set of extremely helpful workshops draws not only on her nursing qualifications but 20 years of attending multiple courses, conferences, reading research, meeting thousands of professionals and parents, reading just about every book on dyspraxia, helping hundreds of children but more importantly on her very personal experience of being a mum.

TOTAL 7.30 hours

Module 1: What is dyspraxia?

Module 2: Co-ordination difficulties

Module 3: Sensory difficulties

Module 4: Day to Day functioning, packed full of tips to help

Module 5: A) How to get a diagnosis  B) Help in the health system  C) Help in the education system 

When you purchase our workshops all your money is used to support children and young people with dyspraxia…Thank you.