Online Training

Online Training for Teaching Staff and Professionals Working with Children and Young People.

Which child in the video may have dyspraxia/DCD? Would you like to feel more confident in understanding children with this complex condition?

There are between 1 and 2 children in every class with dyspraxia/DCD. Supporting these children in your class needn’t be costly or time consuming but does require a good knowledge of their condition.

Down-to-earth Workshops for Teachers. These Modules fully explain what dyspraxia is, how it impacts a child’s learning and will equip you to easily support these children within a busy classroom.

 Other professionals who work with children and young people will also find this training invaluable.

Packed full of practical and realistic tips, useful downloads, helpline and certificates.

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Available to buy either individually or save £50 and get the complete package. Funds go directly to our charity.