Jimbo Fun


Handwriting difficulties are common for many children not just those with dyspraxia. Not being able to write down legibly what you know, causes considerable distress for a child. Handwriting is  complex and requires the child to be developmentally ready in many skills and to be able to pull  these skills together to produce legible handwriting. Problems arise when children are struggling in one or more of these critical skills. Their written work will not reflect their knowledge.

Our award winning Jimbo Fun and Junior Jimbo Fun  programmes work on the two most common reasons why children struggle with handwriting.

  1. Poor pre-writing motor skills
  2. Inaccurate letter movement

It’s fun to do and the children really engage with it. We offer a range of products, handwriting training and services for  handwriting difficulties. View the video above or or follow this link to our dedicated website for Jimbo fun.