Handwriting For Schools

Why is handwriting training important?

Handwriting is a really complex but important life skill which children struggle to master for a multitude of reasons. Poor handwriting causes a huge amount of distress to children and is a major reason why many fail to reach their true potential. It is incredibly frustrating not being able to show the examiner what you know! Handwriting difficulties are a major red flag for underlying dyspraxia also called Developmental Co-ordination Disorder. As a charity we receive a huge number of helpline calls around handwriting and so to address this we have undergone training and invested considerable time, money and energy in learning all we can to help children who struggle with handwriting. We now have 15 years experience and have developed our Jimbofun and other resources to help.

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Handwriting helpline for teachers 01905 676 118 school days 10am-3pm or email for a phone appointment  info@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk