Further and Higher Education

Training for Teaching /Support Staff in F.E and H.E.

Whilst most lecturers are familiar with the term dyspraxia, few will have received training in identifying and supporting these students during a lecture. With 5 % of the population affected by dyspraxia/DCD and many having  above average intelligence, there is a high probability there are students with dyspraxia in every lecture. Current legislation places the responsibility of supporting and including these students on the lecturer. Our training will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and strategies to recognise and support these students with their course work and exams.

Ideal for In- set staff training days and inclusion teams.


Training Package F

Title : Understanding and Including the Young Person with Dyspraxia /DCD at College.

Suitable for: All teaching and support staff.


  • Background to dyspraxia
  • Physiology in simple terms
  • Identifying these students
  • The gifts and challenges this condition presents to these students
  • Simple support strategies busy teaching staff can implement
  • Sources of further information
  • Informative
  • Lively and interactive.
  • Post training support through our free help line
  • CPD attendance certificates

Where: In college.

How long: 3 hours (9.00 – 12.00)

Cost: £375 depending on location.Travel is charged at 40p a mile or train fare and budget hotel overnight if needed. No additional VAT. We will send an invoice after we have delivered the training.

Trainer:  Cathy Parvin

How many can attend: No limit.

To book or for further information: Call 01905 676118   email: info@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk

All funds raised are used to support children with dyspraxia within education