Parents / Carers

How we can help you?

Contact our helpline 01905 676118 – open 10am-3pm school days or if these times are difficult just email and we will make a telephone appointment to suit you.

Want to learn more so you can help your child?

Understanding and knowing about dyspraxia is key to being able to support your child or young person. Our online workshops for parents/carers clearly explain  what dyspraxia is and are full of practical, affordable tips and advice to help you.

“These workshops literally hold your hand. An absolute must for anyone caring for a child with dyspraxia” Quote from a parent review.

What do the parent workshops cover?

These 5 video parent workshop modules draw on 20 years of experience and expert knowledge. Viewed and highly praised by a very experienced senior paediatric Occupational Therapist. These workshops will support you in supporting your child. On completion you will be offered a FREE personal zoom or phone consultation to answer any queries you may have concerning your child.Cathy presents the workshops. To find out more about Cathy click here

Parent Workshop Module 1: What is dyspraxia? £15 (28 days to view)

A clear, easy to understand explanation of this complex  condition.

Parent Workshop Module 2: Co-ordination difficulties £20 (28 days to view)

Poor co-ordination is the first and most obvious sign of dyspraxia. Understanding how this affects your child in everyday life is essential for helping them.This module covers  the different types of coordination difficulties, explains the terms gross and fine motor skills and offers useful, practical tips to help them.

Parent Workshop Module 3: Sensory difficulties £20 (28 days to view)

Many children with dyspraxia experience sensory difficulties which are frequently overlooked. It is vital to know about these when supporting your child. This module explains what they are in simple to understand terms and offers realistic strategies to help manage them.

Parent Workshop Module 4: Day to Day functioning £20 (28 days to view)

This module is packed full of tips to help your child cope day to day, from packing a school bag to sleeping and everything in-between! It’s not so much about doing one big thing to support your child but rather many small things throughout their day which together make a big difference.

Parent Workshop Module 5: A) How to get a diagnosis  B) Help in the health system  C) Help in the education system £20 (28 days to view)

Getting help and support both at school and within the health care system is a post code lottery for dyspraxia/DCD and many parents/carers really struggle to get help. This module will help you manage your way through both these systems.

Parent Workshops Modules 1-5  £75  ( 90 days to view)

BUY ALL 5 Workshops, SAVE £20 and have longer to view them.

Is it easy to do?


  • Go to our shop and select the workshop/s you want.
  • Purchase with a  credit/debit card.
  • You will receive x3 emails.  1) Order confirmation 2) Account Created email containing your login details. 3) Welcome to membership.
  • Once logged in go to “MEMBERSHIP” to view the workshop.
  • Individual workshop licences last for 28 days.  The complete set, modules 1-5 has a 90 day licence. During this time you can view the workshops and access the downloads as often as you need to.
  • Contact us for any queries or 01905 676118 between  10am-3pm Monday to Friday.

100% of the money from the sale our workshops is used to support children and young people with dyspraxia. Thank you. BUY NOW

Please note “parent” is used to mean any adult caring for a child.