Dyspraxia Training for Driving Instructors

Workshops for Driving Instructors.

Many Driving Instructors are reporting that an increasing number of the young people they are teaching to drive have difficulties with coordination. With between 5 -7 % of the population having dyspraxia/DCD (Developmental Coordination Disorder) this is not surprising. Young people with dyspraxia will find learning to drive extremely challenging. Their success is highly dependent on their instructor having an understanding of their condition. Our workshop is specifically for Driving Instructors and will equip you with the confidence, knowledge and understanding to guide your learner drivers through mastering this challenging task.

Training Package K

Title: Understanding Dyspraxia for Driving Instructors

Suitable for: Driving Instructors


  • Background to dyspraxia
  • Co-occurrence with dyslexia, autism and other conditions
  • Physiology in simple terms
  • The difficulties it presents for the young person and the impact on their ability to learn to drive
  • Simple strategies to help
  • Lively and interactive
  • Informative
  • Sources of further information and advice
  • Free after workshop advice line

Where: At a convenient location for the driving instructors.

How long: 2 hours (including 15 min break)

Cost: £100 plus travel at 40 p mile. No additional VAT. ALL profit is used to support children with dyspraxia.

Trainer: Cathy Parvin

How many can attend: No limit.

To book or for further information: Call or email Cathy 07736000979 or email cathy@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk

All profit is used to support children with dyspraxia within education