Dyspraxia Parent Workshops

As a parent of a child with dyspraxia I found some of the most useful advice I received came from other parents. These workshops are for parents to understand their child’s condition and to learn simple tips for helping their children. When we understand why our child does the quirky things they do, we are much more able to support them. Being a parent of a child with these difficulties is hard and meeting other parents is often really beneficial.

Training Package H

Title: Understanding Your Child’s Dyspraxia and How to Help.

Suitable for: Parents, Grandparents , Foster Parents, Boarding School House Parents, Residential Staff and Carers


  • Background to dyspraxia
  • Overlapping conditions
  • Physiology in simple terms
  • The gifts these children have
  • The challenges they face day to day
  • Tips on how to help
  • Advice on equipment which might be helpful
  • Getting a diagnosis
  • Sources of further information and help

Where: Supplied by the organisation booking the workshop.

How Long: These workshops tend to be open and flexible to meet the needs of the parents attending.

Cost: Please contact us on 01905 676118 or email info@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk

Trainer: Cathy Parvin

How many can attend: No limit but they are more beneficial in groups of no more than 30.

To book or for more information: Call 01905 676118  Email : info@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk

All funds raised are used to support children with dyspraxia within education