Dyspraxia Early Years Training

CPD Training for EYFS Staff.

It is important that all Early Years Practitioners are familiar with dyspraxia / DCD because they are often the first to notice if a child is not reaching their developmental milestones. The earlier these children  are identified, the better the long term outcome for them. Whilst a diagnosis may be less clear at this age, this should not prevent or delay intervention for the child. These are critical years for this child. A practitioner who has received training in dyspraxia/DCD can make a huge difference.

Our training will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to recognise these children and the best way forward to help both the child and parents.

Training Package A

Title :     Understanding Dyspraxia/DCD in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Suitable for: All Early Years Foundation staff.


  • The back ground to dyspraxia/DCD
  • Physiology in simple terms
  • Impact on the child’s developmental goals
  • How and when to raise concern
  • Who to refer to
  • Supporting parents
  • Simple, low cost but effective strategies to use within the setting.
  • Sign posting to further sources of help and information
  • Post training support through our free help line
  • CPD Certificates of Attendance

Where : We can come to your setting.

How long: 2  hours

When: At a time to suit you.

Cost: £200 plus travel 40p a mile outside Worcester. No additional VAT

Trainer: Cathy Parvin

How many delegates can attend: No limit.

For more information or to book: Please contact Cathy 07736000979 or email cathy@dyspraxia-ed.co.uk

All profit is used to support children with dyspraxia through our free help line and support services.