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Workshops for Children’s Charities and Other Organisations.

With approximately 5% of children affected by dyspraxia /DCD it is vital anyone working or volunteering with children has a good understanding of dyspraxia and the impact this can have on a child participating in various activities. To make an organisation inclusive for these children is not expensive in resources or adjustments. It is much more about staff or volunteers receiving training so they can understand this complex, hidden condition.

Our lively, interactive and informative workshops will equip your staff and volunteers to recognise dyspraxia/DCD and to include these children in activities.

Training Package J

Title: Understanding and Including the Child/Teenager with Dyspraxia/DCD

Suitable for: For anyone working or volunteering with children.


  • Background to dyspraxia
  • Physiology
  • The challenges dyspraxia/DCD present to the child
  • How does it feel to have dyspraxia
  • Simple but effective strategies to help
  • How to advise
  • Useful resources
  • Sources of further help and information
  • CPD Certificates
  • Help line

Where: At a convenient location for your organisation.

How long: 3 hours

Cost: Depending on location and type of charity/organisation. Please phone to get a quote. Plus travel @ 40p a mile or train fare (Travelodge if needed)  No additional VAT and ALL profit is used to support children with dyspraxia/DCD

Trainer: Cathy Parvin

How many can attend: No limit

To book or for more information: Call 07736000979  Email :

All profit is used to support children with dyspraxia within education