About Us

Dyspraxia is a "hidden" disability and this makes it complex to recognise, understand and manage. It is also very common (5% of all children) and for these two reasons it is essential all professionals working with children receive training in dyspraxia. We not only deliver very practical training but we recognise the need for professionals to be able to access on going support and we offer this through our help line and other services.


  • Cathy Parvin  trained initially as a Registered General Nurse and then  trained and specialised in Orthopaedic Nursing.

  • Cathy was the Education Officer for the Dyspraxia Foundation and is one of a few "Approved"trainers in the country. She is also an advisor on the Dyspraxia Foundation Educational Panel.

  • Has delivered over 300 training sessions in many different settings, schools and universities.

  • Trained by the National Handwriting Association.

  • CPD Trainer on behalf of the Worcestershire County Council Early Years Programme.

  • Visiting Lecturer for SENCO Award, PGCE and BA courses, Sport and PE degree courses

  • Presented at T.E.S Show, Education Show and a Keynote Speaker/trainer at SENCO Conferences

  • Cathy regards her daughter who has dyspraxia as her greatest teacher.

  • Has over 15 years experience and established a large network of contacts.

Unlike other companies, ALL our profit is used to keep the help line operating and supporting children with dyspraxia..The child is at the centre of all we do. Having a teacher who understands dyspraxia is vital to these children.