Dyspraxia training for Teachers and Professionals

Dyspraxia training

Supporting you, To support them

Welcome to our charity.   We support children and young people affected by dyspraxia / DCD ( Developmental Co-ordination Disorder) in education.  If you would like to support our work with a DONATION please click here….Thank you.

We support all teaching staff by offering training and free helplines. The most effective way to achieve this by: –

  • Offering professional dyspraxia & DCD training to all teaching staff
  • Giving on-going support through our help lines for all professionals to use

Teachers gain confidence, understanding and practical classroom support strategies with our dyspraxia DCD training. The key to supporting these pupils and students does not have to be expensive or time consuming but a good knowledge of dyspraxia is essential. Our help lines give teachers access to specialist advice when supporting these children and young people.

Dyspraxia, often referred to as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder, is a hidden complex condition which is commonly missed in education settings. Its essential that all teaching staff are trained to recognise this condition and are aware of the simple low cost but effective strategies which help these children to achieve their full potential. Dyspraxia is surprisingly common with children in every class of 30.

Find out how our  specialist training will equip you to support children  in a busy classroom with our low cost and practical solutions by clicking on the balloons below….

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